Куклы в национальных костюмах

Traditional Czech dolls

Dolls in national costumes are the face of the people. Such dolls are not funny toys, but art, professional costume designers work on them, who carefully develop the sketch, study the history of the terrain, climate and geography, the traditional crafts of its inhabitants and the peculiarities of their life. What dress was worn in this area? How long were the skirts? Why did men wear bonnets with feathers?

The era, folk customs, legends and games, characteristic for a particular region or region, are now reflected in the folk costume. Artists convey and the characteristic colors of clothing, carefully transfer to paper the location of sewed ribbons, beads and ornaments, and then otshivayut authentic, but a small – a puppet – a national costume.

Traditional costume in modern Bohemia has survived only in those areas where till now predominate agriculture, winemaking and agriculture. So far, for example, in Moravia, Silesia or other areas, one can meet women in long traditional shirts, with a corset on lacing, in lush skirts made of flax and long white aprons that are tied one in front and the other on the back. Men there wear wide pants and jackets, white shirts made of natural fabrics, vests. Aprons and waistcoats are often embroidered with patterns. In the course – complex headgear, scarves, men’s hats and folk hats. In the manufacture of clothing on this use natural materials – linen, coarse canvas, wool, silk ribbons, is not forgotten and embroidery. They wear ornaments, which were worn 100-200 years ago: necklaces, beads.

In a modern metropolis of such color, of course, you will not see. Therefore, dolls in bright national clothes from different regions of the country can become an excellent acquisition: they will always delight the eye and create a wonderful mood.

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