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Online store puppets and gifts pragshop.com

Online store of puppets (prague marionette shop) and gifts pragshop.com

Our puppet store was founded in 2016.

And today pragshop.com is one of the most popular online stores in Russian and English. In our store you can find what the Czech Republic has long been famous for: magnificent Bohemian glass and costume jewelery, famous Czech handmade puppets, collectible dolls in national costumes, beer mugs, because the Czech Republic is a country of beer.

We do not get bored!

We see our task not only in the fact that the buyer simply chose the right product at the site pragshop.com the right product and was able to order it easily and quickly, but also in that to find useful, interesting and informative information. We strive to tell the buyer about the beautiful Czech land and the secrets of Czech craftsmen.

Convenient to choose

On the site pragshop.com it is convenient to search and choose the goods. The provided accompanying information to each item of the product greatly facilitates the choice of our customers, and simple and effective tools for searching and sorting the goods help to quickly find the desired position in the catalog.

Shipping & Delivery

Convenient shipping and delivery – one of the advantages of shopping in the online store pragshop.com . You just need to fill out a simple form correctly. We accept payment by PayPal. The online store pragshop.com is located in the Czech Republic. Delivery of goods is made in any country of the world. Usually the shipment takes place within 3 working days.


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