Марионетка Шут с картами, Marionette Jester with cards, Чешские марионетки, Czech marionettes

In 2016 traditional puppet-theaters of Czech and Slovak Republic were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Traditionally czech marionettes considered as a funny toys, but czech marionettes – custom puppets, art marionettes, hand carved and glove puppets (marionette no strings) – are the historical phenomenon.

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пивные кружки pragshop.com

Beer-mug is a special attribute of A true beer lover. It is essential for the one to have a personal beer-mug. Beer mugs are made of porcelain and decorated. Czech Republic is the worlds center for beer and porcelain. Czech mugs often have metal caps made of brass, tin or other metal, they have a lever of the top lid.

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Чешское стекло и бижутерия,

Jewels are a demonstration of your safe, and bijouterie is a demonstration of your taste

The history of Traditional Czech jewelry begins from afar, when in the 14-15 centuries on the territory of the Czech Republic the production of glass began to gain strength. In smaller settlements of Central and Northern Bohemia – Bohemia – more and more small glassware opened, in which the masters copied vessels of Venetian production – Venice at that time was the most recognized and most famous glass region in Europe.

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