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Beer Mugs

Beer-mug is a special attribute of A true beer lover. It is essential for the one to have a personal beer-mug. Beer mugs are made of porcelain and decorated. Czech Republic is the worlds center for beer and porcelain. Czech mugs often have metal caps made of brass, tin or other metal, they have a lever of the top lid.

The surface of the mugs lovely images of Bohemia or historic plots and characters make the cups even more valuable and beautiful. The volume of the beer-mug can be different and depends on the historical tradition. For example, in Germany the beer standard is 1 liter – “Maß” or “Mass”. Germans like glass mugs with thick walls and bottom. Previously officially established value of the “Mass” was 1.069 liters. Such a beer-measure was approved by the Bavarian Royal District Court and adopted throughout Europe. But today european standard IS 1 liter. Brits measure beer by „pints”. In olden times ”Czech Mass” was 3,35 liter, but today beer-standard is 0,5 liters.

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