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Beer Mugs

Beer mug is a serious attribute symbolizing the ownership of its owner to a large club of beer connoisseurs, a sign of beer etiquette. A real beer pros (it would be wrong to call these people “beer lovers”) prefers to have their own, personal beer mug: a favorite volume, a comfortable handle, a pattern on the sides, caressing the eye.

Beer mugs for beer professionals are made from porcelain. The Czech Republic is the country that produces the best porcelain, that’s why the beer mugs take a special place here: they use the highest quality porcelain for their production, real artists work on the decor. Czech mugs often have metal caps made of brass, tin or other metal, round or conical, often with a lever at the top. The lever is attached to the mug by a special additional construction. On either side these mugs are beautifully painted with Bohemian views or plots of old Czech legends, the coats of arms of Czech beer cities. Professionally executed painting of beer mugs retains its original appearance for a long time, using persistent paints for painting.

The volume of such beer mugs can be different and depends on the historical tradition. For example, in the beer country of Germany in the course of the masses – German beer or radler mugs, ceramic or glass, with thick walls and a bottom, with a capacity of 1 liter. Previously, the officially established value of the mass was 1.069 liters. Such a measure was established by the Bavarian royal district court and adopted throughout Europe. However, today, for the convenience of beer sellers and consumers at the Oktoberfest and other European beer festivals, the mass is usually considered to be a volume equal to 1 liter. In Britain, beer is still measured with pints, which is just over half a liter. The Czech mass in ancient times was 3.35 liters, but today’s standard Czech beer mug has a half-liter volume – it’s called “půllitr” (half liter in Russian translation).

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