National Costume Doll – Traditional Czech doll

Traditional Czech doll ( National Costume Doll ) are not toys for kids. Professional artists create the style of the dolls and make special clothing for them. Every dooly’s costume – is smaler version of the real one created in the best tradions of local culture, history, made with the attention to every single detail. What dress was traditional in this area?

Which skirts did women wear here? Why did men wear hats with feathers? The era, folk customs, legends and games, characteristic for a particular region, now are reflected in the folk costume. The era, folk traditions, legends – all these are now reflected in the folk costume. For example, traditional costume in modern Bohemia has only survived in those areas where agriculture and winemaking still predominate till now.

In Moravia, Silesia or other areas you can meet women dressed in long straight shirts, flax skirs, corsets and traditional long white aprons. And men wearing wide pants, traditional jackets, white shirts and vests, as well as scarves and folk hats with a feather. All this clothes made from natural materials – linen and wool, decorated by silk ribbons and embroidery. The costumes are decorated with the ornaments traditionally worn 100 and 200 years ago. In the modern europian metropolis there are no folk costume, so dolls in bright folk clothes – this is a good buy. They will create a good mood in your home.

And all these incredible pieces of masterpiece and culture you can find here. Just by clicking the Traditional Czech doll ( National Costume Doll ) bellow.

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